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2nd Samuel is the tenth book of the Old Testament and also the tenth book of Bible. 2nd Samuel chronicles the events that took place during the time of David's reign as king over Israel, the exploits that he undertook and the battles he had fought as well as his transgression with Uriah the Hittite's wife Bathsheba and the misfortunes that fell upon him and his family.

Outline Edit

2nd Samuel 1 - David mourns for Saul and Jonathan
2nd Samuel 2 - Battle between David's house and Saul's house
2nd Samuel 3 - Abner makes a covenant with David; Joab slays Abner
2nd Samuel 4 - Saul's son Ishbosheth is slain
2nd Samuel 5 - David becomes king and takes Jerusalem as his city
2nd Samuel 6 - David brings the Ark of the LORD to Jerusalem
2nd Samuel 7 - David desires to build a house for the LORD
2nd Samuel 8 - David's military conquests
2nd Samuel 9 - David shows mercy to Jonathan's son Mephibosheth
2nd Samuel 10 - Ammon entices David to engage them in war
2nd Samuel 11 - David commits adultery with Bathsheba and kills Uriah
2nd Samuel 12 - Nathan confronts David about his sin
2nd Samuel 13 - Amnon rapes Tamar; Absalom kills Amnon
2nd Samuel 14 - Joab helps bring Absalom back home
2nd Samuel 15 - Absalom commits sedition against David
2nd Samuel 16 - David is being cursed by Shimei as he flees
2nd Samuel 17 - David is warned of Absalom's coming attack
2nd Samuel 18 - Absalom is killed, and David mourns for him
2nd Samuel 19 - The people of Israel help David return to Jerusalem
2nd Samuel 20 - Sheba attempts to incite sedition against David
2nd Samuel 21 - David deals with the Gibeonites
2nd Samuel 22 - David's song of praise to Yahweh
2nd Samuel 23 - The mighty soldiers of David's army
2nd Samuel 24 - David's sin of numbering Israel

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