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  • SouthWriter

    "Religious Studies"

    November 20, 2017 by SouthWriter

    At the University of Wyoming, Paul V.M. Flesher, a well-meaning professor, seeks students for his course with this:

    "Why is it important to study the ancient Israelites, a people whose history was recorded in books more than 2,000 years ago? The answer is as simple as it is powerful: They created monotheism, the worship of one god." --Paul V.M. Flesher, University of Wyoming website

    Though I'm sure…

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  • Superdadsuper

    Canaanite DNA Found

    August 10, 2017 by Superdadsuper

    Another “archaeological” discovery has been found within recent days; a find that is consistent, if not confirming Biblical record. A recent DNA test has confirmed and traced the existence of Canaanite genes in the city of Sidon and across modern Lebanon.The findings have been published in an American scientific journal with a focus on genes.

    The accounts of the Bible state that Israel was suppose…

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  • SouthWriter

    Three Crosses

    April 14, 2017 by SouthWriter

    Three poles lay waiting for three criminals at the place called "the Skull".

    The Savior is lifted up for all sinners to see. Only the saints understand what they are looking at. There is but one Savior before all people, sinners and saints, will one day appear. Will you, dear sinner, be at the Savior's right hand?

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  • Superdadsuper

    Note: This blogpost does not account for the "destroyers" mentioned in the text; however the general position of an "Angel of Death" remains the same

    Around Passover many begin to recount Exodus' account of the Passover: how the Hebrew Israelites put a lamb’s blood on their door and how an “Angel” killed the firstborn of every Egyptian household. This Angel is often renowned as “the Angel of Deat…

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