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Bible Wiki is a collaboratively built encyclopedia that documents the doctrinal, historical and literary content of the Bible. Using a wiki style approach, content can be collaboratively built in a way that allows both Christian fellowship and Bible study as well as opportunities to share the Gospel to those outside of Christ.







  • Superdadsuper

    It is almost time for Christmas- or Christ mass - which literally means the celebration of Jesus and in particular His birth. While we can and should rejoice at both his birth and his resurrection year around, Christmas is the time where families designate their time to come together in celebration of the birth of Jesus. Since we are the Bible Wiki, Christmas is an excellent opportunity for us to create some special events and write about Jesus outside of the mainstream content all while celebrating his birth. This year Henry (SouthWriter) and I are co-writing this blogpost below. We not only want this to be a good read, but also we want this to be a very interactive blog. So please make sure to comment and interact with the blogpost. Without further ado, “Christmas A Prophetic Perspective…

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  • Superdadsuper

    This is Superdadsuper with an exciting announcement. We, the admins  have been working hard on establishing some vital foundations to the this website, not only as a wiki or a resource, but a ministry. Different than “secular” wikis at we would like to base everything we do- our rules, policies, procedures of the Bible. As a website wanting to glorify God we can use the amazing depths of the Bible, that is a sword that can be used to “attack” every area of the wiki imaginable. Most importantly, we want to base all of our content off The Bible.  As Wikia, our hosting and supporting community says “Content is King”. While this is true, we must consider that for us Jesus Christ our king, and the king has spoken the Bible. We can apply this “Content is King” principle with content that is ba…

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  • SouthWriter
    Some time ago I came upon this wiki under old management.  At the time, it was a site that borrowed heavily, if not completely imported, articles from Wikipedia.  Seeing that, I determined to make my own Bible-based wiki, but other things drew me aside.  A few years past and I got a message that things have changed.  The site was under new managment.  A merger has been requested of the two sites!

    Allow me to introduce myself.  My user name is SouthWriter, for I am a writer living in the American south -- the state of South Carolina.  I am a 1980 graduate of probably the most conservative Christian university in the world.  That's right, I am that old.  I have studied the Bible all my adult life, and even have studied Hebrew and Greek!  In addition, my hobby is writing.

    I am the father of fo…

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  • Superdadsuper

    Hello viewers and editors. This is Superdadsuper here again today to write another blogpost to talk about how as a website at our current stage, and as I personally as an Admin need to keep the focus on the core of the website- and that is the content and its message.

    Firstly, I want to express apologies for all the times an interesting idea for a program has been launched, only to be discontinued or indefintely suspended. All of these programs (ranging from featured articles, to Bible Maps, to Book club; being discontinued today) are all ideas and paths that would like to be pursued in ways for our wiki's outreach. 

    All of these ideas for programs fit with our wiki as it entails online/digital content that relates to the Bible advances its message. We have discontinued and canceled so man…

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  • Superdadsuper

    This program has been indefinitely discontinued until we have proper resources. Please see this blogpostsee this blogpost for more

    Superdadsuper here. Today is an exciting day as we finally get to re-introduce our Bible Book Club. What in the world is “Bible Book Club” you may ask? Bible Book Club is program that encourages users to read an assigned book(s) of the Bible for a month. Then we study this book by discussions on forums, chats, social media and even a video that discusses it.

    Reading the Bible can be hugely overwhelming and sometimes can be difficult to know where to start or what to read. There is a ton of both historical and literary elements to analyze and many metaphors. Overall the Bible can be difficult understand and read, especially without the guidance of the Holy Spirit .…

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  • Superdadsuper

    Hello readers! As you all should know,  the holiday Easter is coming up soon. Easter is the holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and is accompanied immediately before by a series of several holidays titled “Holy Week”. The “Holy Week” begins with Palm Sunday (the commemoration of Jesus entering Jerusalem for the final time to be greeted with crowds with palm leaves). It continues with various anniversaries of some of Jesus’s final actions before his crucifixion and leads up to Good Friday the death of Christ and ends with Easter. Another holiday series around that time is the Passover , which was the feast Jesus was celebrating with his disciples during the Last Supper . Interestingly Good Friday and the beginning of Passover began on the same dates and the Passover it…

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