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  • SouthWriter

    In the previous blogpost Superdadsuper explores how Mary, Joseph and Elizabeth reacted to the news of a virgin conception

    During the reign of Augustus Caesar, it had been over 150 years since anyone had seen what passed as a miracle in Judea . As reported by the Jews, this miracle made one flask of oil last eight days rather than the one day expected. This happened just as winter was beginning. Today we know the commemoration as Hanukkah.

    Even the devoutest Jew did not expect miracles to happen. Mary of Nazareth was no exception. Her reaction to Gabriel's claims showed that she thought them imp…

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  • Superdadsuper

    Virgin Birth: Reactions

    December 18, 2016 by Superdadsuper

    Imagine a married man who is preparing his future life with his new bride. Suppose this bride was gone on a three month trip to help her cousin and when she returned was found to be pregnant! What kind of feelings would this cause? Well, Joseph knew this feeling exactly, because he was this man and Mary was the wife. It sounds like the typical story of the unfaithful wife who shared her intimacy with another man, because she had not had any with her husband.

    In the next blogpost we will explore how the Bible claims the Virgin Birth as a literal event rather than an allegory  

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  • SouthWriter

    Written in Stone

    November 19, 2016 by SouthWriter

    After the Assyrians descended upon the northern kingdom (aka "Israel") they preserved the land and its apostate religion by settling their own people among the poor and disenfranchised remnant.

    The Samaritan religion persists to the present as an accepted Hebrew sect in larger Judaism. However, some Jews might not be so accepting of that sect. Recently the Living Torah Museum in Brooklyn, NY, auctioned of an old Roman era memorial plaque of the Samaritan version of the Ten Commandments. The third commandment against taking the 's name in vain was replaced with a Samaritan Commandment requirin…

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  • SouthWriter

    The Psalmist declared the necessity to store the Word of God in a safe place: the mind. This was necessary because even stone tablets can break and be scattered. The early use of papyrus (ancient paper) made the more permanent clay tablets obsolete for everyday use. Such a find is rare because of the fragile nature of papyrus. As attractive as it might be to dream of finding something from the pen of an Apostle, the nature of the medium makes this .practically impossible.

    Let us praise God that His people have gotten the Word out as they wrote, taught and preached to others over the millennia. …

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