Featured Articles are articles selected by the Bible Wiki community that are showcased on a monthly basis. The goal of the Featured Articles program is to showcase the highest quality and most comprehensive content from the wiki while promoting interaction amongst our community of Christians. Featured Articles are displayed on a monthly basis and are featured by being linked on the mainpage and promoted on social media.



Articles are selected by monthly voting on nominees. Articles are usually nominated the month before they will be featured. An article can be nominated by visiting the respective thread on the Community Discussion Forum and are usually highlighted for easy access. If you would like to nominate an article we recommend you are actively involved a community member on our site. If you would like to become involved please check out our Community Portal.

Any article can be nominated from the content of Bible Wiki as long as it follows with our nomination ruleset. Subjects of the article should have enough information to produce a comprehensive and quality set of information and should not have been a Featured Article in the past six months.


If an article nominee complies with the rules it may be voted upon. Votes are counted by Administrators informally (a "yes" or some acknowledgement that it should be featured article). Whatever article has the most of votes will become the featured article. In the case where there is a tie the Administrators will decide which article should be featured for the month and then have the other featured the following.


Articles can only become candidates for Featured Article if:

  • They are minimum 6 paragraphs. The subject of the article should be biblically documented enough to produce this many
  • There are no major maintenance errors or issues (being listed on Special:Insights, marked for,, being a and other issues)
  • The article is grammatically sound and has a comprehensible writing style
  • The article has a Biblical Point of View and presents all content in agreement with undeniable biblical truths
    • The article is written in third person, past tense, uses no interrogative and few exclamatory (primarily declarative)
  • Article has not been featured within the past 6 months (recommended for a year)
  • Article must be agreed as high quality by Administrators




The Temple




Samuel (Prophet)


Jesus Christ








Garden of Eden




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