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Bible Wiki does not support or endorse the articles and advertisements found within Fandom or that are ran by Wikia, Inc, any other third party.

Non-Endorsement of Hosting ran areas

As a Christian ministry, we cannot give support to anything that violates our beliefs and our Biblical Point of View. Using free hosting, Bible wiki is often subject to advertisements and features of the interface that we are unable to control. Sadly some of the content found within these spaces are those that endorse viewpoints contrary to the Bible or are indulgent in sin. If you find specific content through the form of advertisements that is inappropriate and objectionable, please notify an Administrator (we are able to make complaints on third party advertisements ran on the site, but content produced directly by our hosting provider is extremely unlikely for us to petition elsewhere). To ease advertisements and content ran by third parties, many advertisements can be disabled in the preferences. In addition you can contact an Administrator for specific tools to remove irrelevant material.

For identification purposes areas of the site that are under our jurisdiction and ability to regulate are (including, but not limited to): article space (not including ads), blogposts, chat messages, messages via walls and forums, editing activity (via WikiActivity and RecentChanges), Photos, Videos, Website Theme (including colors, background image [not including advertisements], logo and homepage format; excludes mobile interface) and specially designated customizable parts of the interface (for a full list see this link.

All other elements of the interface and content is under the control of our hosting provider, Wikia, Inc who operates our hosting service (Wikia or Fandom). A vast majority of the user interface that is not under our control does not feature any third party content and is designed to make functionality for Bible Wiki. However some elements of the interface (such as the global navigation bar at the top of a page or the Wikia corporate header) are specifically meant to link to the hosting system. There are also other spaces where content that is produced directly by Wikia ("From Fandom" on the right bar and "More Stories" on the search) or by other websites "Also on Fandom") on Wikia's hosting network are displayed. Again Bible wiki specifically does not endorse any content or part of the interface that is not under our control and jurisdiction, or that we haven't modified or does not facilitate activity directly here. Other elements ran in the form of advertisements are content created by third parties (whom we have no contact with) that are ran either at the discretion of Wikia, or one of their advertising service providers (such as Google, Amazon, Yahoo).

Bible Wiki specifically disavow the usage of the words "fandom", "fan", "superfan", "Bible Wikia", "Fandom Bible Community" etc or any Wikia/fandom branding in the use of our site interface as terms and items for marketing. We do not wish to consider our audience "fans" of the Bible, nor this site about "Bible Fandom". We do not consider any participants on the site who make accusatory or ad- hominem attacks on the Bible and Christianity as a part of our community. Our true community goals can be read about at the link.

Non-Endorsement of any translation/view of the Bible that's not the original

Additionally, Bible Wiki does not endorse all content posted by our users. Any content that violates a biblical stance is not officially endorsed nor supported by Bible Wiki. Any such statement in the form of article content is reverted on sight. Though discussion is encouraged with those not believing in the Bible, attempts to present unbiblical views into articles will not be allowed. Bible Wiki cannot also vet the complete factual accuracy of any sort of commentary and explanation of Scripture written by users, nor vet its freedom from bias or variance in interpretation. We can only verify facts directly attributed to relevant Scripture verses, via verse citations as completely accurate. Occasionally insight from other historical sources is helpful in providing analysis of Scripture. Since these sources are not God inspired like the Bible we do not include them here. In the case that insight is used we cannot validate the historical source as being of equal correctness and inerrancy as the Bible.

We do not vet or endorse any view of interpretation of Scripture other than the historical-grammatical method, which interprets the Bible literally and uses the grammatical structure of the text and historical context of the authorship to determine its intentional meaning. Any other view of interpreting the Bible (such as reader-response method, historical critical method, any allegorical interpretation not vetted by the text, eisegesis of the Bible) we specifically do not endorse and will deny its correctness.

Oftentimes different editors will use different translations of Scripture to base their writing off. As a result there may be slight variance in the exactness of details varying from translation to translation or from the original text. Bible Wiki does not officially endorse any translation of the Bible. Translations are a must for the non-Bible scholar, but we can only affirm the original writing of Scripture as holy (this only includes the very first writing and inspiration of a text, this does not include any copies available to us in the present time). We also do not officially endorse any denomination and only can/will deny one if ideas disagree with our beliefs or the Bible.

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