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The Habakkuk is a Minor Prophet book

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The Book of Habakkuk is the eighth among the Minor Prophets. The exacts date  he wrote his book is uncertain, but it might have been during the reigns of King Josiah and King Jehoiakim.  The main theme concerns the sovereignty of God and the need for people to trust in Him.


Identified only as Habakkuk the prophet, nothing else is definitively known of the author.  His name means "Embrace" and may reveal a hope in the days of decline that God wanted His people to trust him above all else.  Whatever is the case, the inclusion of his message in the canon by the ancient Jews, including most famously the apostle Paul, provides ample reason to accept the named prophet as the writer of this book.


I. Dialogue with the LORD

A. First Cycle
1. Question concerning justice (1:1-4)
2. God's Answer: Babylon! (1:5-11)
B. Second Cycle
1. Question concerning proprietary (1:12-17)
2. God's Answer: Faith and Judgment (2:1-20)

II. Deference to the Lord

A. Prayer to God (3:1-2)
B. Praise of God (3:3-15)
C. Trust in God (3:16-19)

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