This category contains Religions mentioned to alluded to throughout the Bible. The religion does not have to be named directly by the text, but there must be reasonable inference to it being practiced in Scripture. This category does not necessarily indicate or endorse certain religious articles as being correct, nor does it intend to treat all of the religions the same. Rather than promoting the idea of religious development as manmade, this category should consider all of the religions of the world from a biblically plausible and historical view.

Modern names of religions (for example "judaism" or "Yahwism") can be used in place of more titular names that are in the original text. Modern day revivals of certain practices in ancient times should not be included. Articles with very small amounts of information in Scripture (such as the Ancient Egyptian Pantheon)should not have their own articles.

Mixtures of pagan religions with Yahwism or Christianity (for example "Monolastric Yahwism" or "Samartianism") should not be considered a "form" of that religion.

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