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Demons are malevolent supernatural beings who follow Satan as their leader. Throughout history, demons have tortured mankind under the orders of Satan, and are the cause of many natural disasters and diseases. The false gods which other religions worship are actually demons who disguise themselves as deities.[1]. While demons are currently free to roam the earth, God will eventually judge them and cast them into Hell at the end of time.


Fallen Angels

The most common belief is that demons were once angels in Heaven who fell with Satan and became forces of evil. This theory is most supported by biblical texts.

Nephilim Spirits

A less common interpretation is that demons are actually the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim who perished in the Great Flood. This theory was introduced in The Book of Enoch, but is not mentioned in or backed up by the canonical books of the Bible.

Satanic Creation

A popular modern belief, portrayed in many books and movies, is that demons were created by Satan after he was banished from Heaven. This also is not backed up by scripture.

Demons in the Bible

  • Lucifer- Lucifer was once the most beautiful angel in Heaven before he was overcome with pride and fell to earth, becoming the adversary of God and humanity.
  • Abaddon- Abaddon, also known as the destroyer, was the fallen angel who swept over Egypt at God's command and killed every first born son who did not have lambs blood on his door. He is also the ruler of the bottomless pit, and will be released at the end of days.
  • Azazel- In some translations of the Bible it is said that the Jews sent a scapegoat to Azazel in the wilderness to atone for their sins.
    • The Book of Enoch states that Azazel, along with 199 other angels, fell to earth after Lucifer did. They impregnated human women with the Nephilim and taught mankind forbidden knowledge such as weapons of war, abortion, and magic. This however, has no evidence within the Bible.
  • Lilith- Lilith, the night demon, is described as a screeching owl.
    • In Jewish folklore it is said that Lilith was Adam's first wife, before Eve, and after becoming jealous of Adam's dominance, she sided with Satan and gave birth to the demon race. This however has no evidence from the Bible.


  1. Lev 17:7, Deut 32:17, 1 Corinthians 10:20, Rev 9:20 (Link)

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