This article is about Jared's son. You may be looking for Cain's son or the city with the same name.

Enoch was the son of Jared[1] and was a descendant of Seth. Significantly, Enoch was one of only two people (the other being Elijah) to be taken to Heaven without seeing death.[2]


Enoch was born to Jared at the age of one hundred and sixty-two.[1] When Enoch was sixty-five he had Methuselah.[3] At one point Enoch prophesied that one day God would judge sinners that did not accept Him.[4] After this he continued to walk with God and had other sons and daughters during a three-hundred year time span.[5] At age 365,[6] Enoch was taken from the Earth to Heaven by God, rather than experiencing death.[2]


Enoch walked faithfully with God[5] and so was taken from his life without dying, because of his faith. Before his death, Enoch was commended for pleasing God.[2][7]

Enoch had one of the earliest recorded revelations from God about Judgement Day[4] and thus this shows the closeness of his relationship with God. Enoch also spoke an inspired quote and therefore contributed to a very small portion of the Bible in the Epistle of Jude.


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es:Enoc (hijo de Jared)


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