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The 1st John is one of the General epistles

1st John is the twenty-third book of the New Testament and the sixty-second book of Bible. It was the first epistle written by John the Apostle, being the second book of the Bible he had wrote. First John was written as a proclamation of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ.[1]


John addresses a variety of different groups in his epistle. In First John, John writes it for the children, because their sins have been forgiven.[2] He also addresses the fathers because of their knowledge of God at the beginning, and the young men for overcoming sin with God.[3][4]

It seems that foremost and firstly John is addressing the children[5] throughout the entire book, more prominently than any other group. The children being addressed may refer to physical children as well as children of God.[6]

John also seems to address the audience of the letter as his associates or friends.[7]

First John purpose of writing was to be a proclamation of Jesus Christ's Incarnation[1] and to remind those who believed Christ of their eternal life.[8]


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