The ruler of the port city of Tyre, and a good friend of both King David and King Solomon. Hiram furnished cedar wood, as well as carpenters and masons who built a palace for David.[1] After the death of David, Solomon asked Hiram to help him as he did with David, in building the temple.

Hiram sent Solomon "a great quantity of wood", "and a craftsman of great skill" by the name of Huram-Abi, who knew "how to work with gold, silver, bronze and iron, with stone and wood, with purple, violet, fine linen and crimson..." Solomon in return sent Hiram barley, wine and oil.[2] Solomon also gave Hiram 20 cities in exchange for 120 talents of gold. Hiram also supplied ships and sailors for Solomon's trade interests.

The name Hiram means "my brother is exalted."

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