The House of Adam refers to the direct descendants and their offspring up to the sons of Noah (Shem, Ham and Japeth, of the first human created by God, Adam.

1. Adam

m. Eve

2. Cain
3. Enoch
4. Irad
5. Mehujael
6. Methushael
7. Lamech
m. Adah
8. Jabal
8. Jubal
m. Zillah
8. Tubal-Cain
8. Naamah
2. Abel
2. Seth
3. Enos
4. Kenan
5. Mahalalel
6. Jared
7. Enoch
8. Methuselah
9. Lamech
10. Noah
11. Japheth
11. Shem
11. Ham

See Japhethites for the descendants of Japheth, Hamites for the descendants of Ham, and Semites for the descendants of Shem.

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