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This article is about Lazarus, brother of Martha and Mary. You may be looking for Lazarus (Beggar).

Lazarus was the brother of Mary, the woman who poured perfume on Jesus's feet and washed them with her hair.

When he becomes sick, his sisters head off to find Jesus and inform him of his illness, and Jesus informs them that his illness will not end in death. He even doesn't visit Lazarus, but instead lingers where he is at for two days. After voicing his decision to head back to Judeah, where Lazarus was, his disciples claim that he will be stoned, but still Jesus returns to him. When he comes to Lazarus, he is already dead, and after the disciples misinterpret Jesus's reference to "sleep," he clarifies to them that Lazarus is actually dead.

In fulfillment of what Jesus prophesied[1] Jesus calls him out of his tomb (after the stone covering is removed) and Lazarus emerges, still wearing the clothes he was buried in.
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  1. John 11:14 (Link)

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