This is a tabular list of the Kings of the Kingdom of Israel. Organized in chronological orders of their reigns. Parameters include their number in the list of kings, the length of their reign, the cause of their reign's end and notable actions they performed.

In the chronological order of their reigns, they are:
# Name Length of Reign End of Reign Notable Events
1 Saul 40 years Killed in battle with Philistines, succeeded by Ishbosheth
2 Ishbosheth 2 years Killed by conspirators, succeeded by David
3 David 40 years Death, succeeded by Solomon Brought the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem
4 Solomon 40 years Death, succeeded by Rehoboam who ruled Judah; Jeroboam became king of Israel during Rehoboam's reign. Built the first Temple
5 Jeroboam I 22 years Death, succeeded by Nadab
6 Nadab 2 years Killed by Baasha son of Abijah, who succeeded him
7 Baasha 24 years Death, succeeded by Elah
8 Elah 2 years Killed by Zimri, who succeeded him
9 Zimri 7 days Committed suicide in his own palace; brief civil war broke out between the houses of Tibni and Omri, where Tibni died and Omri became king
10 Omri 12 years Death, succeeded by Ahab
11 Ahab 22 years Killed in battle, succeeded by Ahaziah
12 Ahaziah 2 years Fatal injury, succeeded by Joram
13 Joram 12 years Killed by Jehu, who succeeded him
14 Jehu 28 years Death, succeeded by Jehoahaz
15 Jehoahaz 17 years Death, succeeded by Jehoash
16 Jehoash 16 years Death, succeeded by Jeroboam, son of Jehoash
17 Jeroboam II 41 years Death, succeeded by Zachariah
18 Zachariah 6 months Killed by Shallum son of Jabesh, who succeeded him
19 Shallum 1 month Killed by Menahem son of Gadi, who succeeded him
20 Menahem 10 years Death, succeeded by Pekahiah
21 Pekahiah 2 years Killed by Pekah son of Remaliah, who succeeded him
22 Pekah 20 years Killed by Hoshea son of Elah, who succeeded him
23 Hoshea 9 years Captured and taken to Assyria
# Name Length of Reign End of Reign Notable Events

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