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  • I live in Cali
  • My occupation is As of 11/2/16, unemployed and not searching for job.
  • I am insightful
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  • Hi CubicQuzzar- I forgot about messaging you and didn't see your reply until today. As promised on Facebook we do have a few new tools and ways to contribute (if you haven't seen them already):

    • Liturgical Calendar- this is a monthly calendar that highlights biblical holidays and church celebrations of people and events; you can use this to edit articles near or on their holiday (for promotion on that day) or just incentive to study about what's being celebrated.
    • Bible Study- monthly selection and guide (how to split reading) for a month, way to become more familar with the Bible and contribute relevant content, this month is Proverbs and catch up on previous months
    • Special:Community- new tool introduced by Wikia that helps highlights areas needing writing, will be making some addition and start using it more in a week or so
    • Bible Games- a new forum board that can just be a fun place to do Bible trivia, top tens, etc. Unfortunately we can't do many interactive games (as requires using an external site) but there is one "game" and its plenty open to more

    I hope this helps you become more connected with the wiki in writing and editing. If you don't feel ready to write, maitenance is a good place to start. Most of all if you don't write or edit, we hope you at least grow in your study of the Bible from our programs.

    In Christ,

    Superdadsuper, Bible Wiki Administrator & Bureaucrat

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  • Hello CubicQuazar. I saw your changes to User blog:CubicQuazar/LAAAAAG... and saw that you were new to Bible Wiki, and so I wanted to leave you a warm welcome. Bible Wiki is a collaboratively built encyclopedia that documents the doctrinal, historical and literary content of the Bible. Using a wiki style approach, content can be collaboratively built in a way that allows both Christian fellowship and Bible study as well as opportunities to share the Gospel to those outside of Christ. If you would like to learn more about us, our beliefs, or why we are a wiki, click the links to read more. We are not only an encyclopedia and wiki, but a Christian Ministry dedicated to providing tools for the study of the Bible and creating a collaborative study environment for both Christians and non-christians alike. All of our content is from a biblical point of view, in contrast to websites like Wikipedia. If you claim to be a Christian then I welcome you to editing in joining in fellowship with other believers, and hope through the site you will have chances to study the Bible and to minister it. If you are not a Christian and have questions about the Bible, or would like to contribute edit please do so. I and the other admins will answer all of your questions with gentleness and strictly on a biblical basis- but be warned that if you do not trust the Bible as the source of what Christians believe, then you will not understand anything that you are told[1]. If you have any questions about editing or the Bible please do not hesitate to let me know on message wall or if its a Bible Question we encourage you to post it on our forum board

    SouthWriter (talk) 21:04, June 8, 2016 (UTC)


    1. 1 Corinth 2:14 (Link)
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    • Hi CubicQuazar (Chris). I wanted to say thank you for your contributon to Assyria  . Based on your edit you seem to very knowledgable about many historical topics. In case you didn't see my comment on your blogpost, I am Superdadsuper a Bureaucrat and Adminisrator on this wiki. I myself am also on the Autism spectrum, as I saw you said on your user profile. 

      I also did see the things you thought we didn't clarify on the Beliefs. Its unlikely we will make any changes based on your suggestions (just because we probably won't ever update the Beliefs page unless the Wiki encounters a major argument, or common ideas about the Bible that are false). 

      I want to encourage you to continue editing, to pray for this ministry and the work that SouthWriter and I do. I feel this website (and hopefully one day several more) is my calling and would one day like to turn this into full time ministry. 

      As always if you have any questions please let me know, and if you need help starting where to edit, let me know

      In Christ,

      Superdadsuper, Bible Wiki Bureaucrat & Administrator

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