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Moses (meaning "drawn out"[7]) was a Hebrew-born "Egyptian" who was chosen by God to be the deliverer of Israel out of Egyptian oppression[8]. Moses was also the agent of God, that founded Israel as an independent nation and gave the ceremonial law to Israel and to monotheism. Additionally, Moses authored the entire Pentateuch consisting of the first five books of the Bible- Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.


Early life

Hidden from Egypt

Moses was born in Egypt to Levite parents[9], in Egypt, and had a sister and a brother. During the time the Israelites were under enslavement of the Egyptians[10], as the Egyptian government feared the growing Hebrew population would eventually overtake them[11]. Despite this, the Hebrew population was still growing rapidly and so the Egyptian government ordered all newborn Hebrew males to be drowned in the Nile[12].

Despite orders from Egypt to drown all Hebrew newborn males, Moses parents hid him for three months, seeing that he was not an ordinary child[13].

Adopted as royalty

Soon, Moses's parents were no longer able to keep Moses hidden, and they placed Moses into a papyrus basket coated with tar and was set along the river bank of the Nile[14]. His sister, Miriam, watched at a distance to see what would become of him[15]. At this time the Princess of Egypt was bathing in the Nile River and saw the basket floating along the bank and sent a slave to get it[16]. The basket was opened, and inside was baby Moses crying, and the Princess felt remorse for him[17]. Miriam went up and approached the princess and asked if she could get a Hebrew woman to nurse the baby for her[18], and the Princess agreed and so Miriam brought her and Moses's mother[19]. So the Princess asked Moses's mother to nurse Moses in exchange for compensation[20]. After the child was weaned, and was taken to be the Princess's son, and was named Moses since he was "drawn out of the water"[7].

So Moses was brought up as the daughter of the Princess[21], and was educated very well becoming a powerful speaker[22].

Fleeing to Midian

Abandoning Egypt

When Moses was forty years old, he decided to visit the people of his ethnic heritage, the Hebrews, who were under hard labor[23]. While visiting, Moses saw a Hebrew being beaten by an Egyptian, and after making sure no one would see, intervened and killed the beater and buried him in the sand[24]. When doing this, he had shown great faith, in no longer being known as the Princess's child[25], thinking that his people would realize God was using him to save the Hebrew that was beaten[26]. In this was choosing to be aiding to his fellow Hebrews[27], over the riches of Egypt for God's sake[28].

The next day, Moses tried to peaceably mediate a fight between two Hebrew men[29], but one of them asked Moses if he was going to kill him like he did the Egyptian[30] .Realizing that his killing of the Egyptian had been made known, and that the Pharaoh would want him dead, Moses fled to the land of Midian[31]. Here he became a shepherd for the priest Jethro,who gave his daughter Zipporah to him as a wife. Moses had two sons, Gershom and Eliezer, through Zipporah.

Forty years later, as Moses was tending sheep, he saw a burning bush on a mountain that surprisingly wasn't consumed in the flames. As he went to investigate, God called out to Moses and told him to take off his sandals, for he was standing on holy ground. He then told Moses that He has heard the cries of His people in Egypt and is now going to send Moses back there to deliver them. Moses felt rather unsure that he was qualified for the task and that the people would even listen to him. God enabled Moses to perform some miraculous signs with His power as proof, and also sent Aaron to meet with him so that he would be Moses' spokesperson. Moses went back to Egypt with his wife and children, but on the way the LORD met Moses to kill him until Zipporah performed a circumcision on his child and called him "a bloody husband". It is at that point most likely when Moses sent Zipporah back to Midian.

In Egypt, after convincing the people of Israel through the signs that God has sent him as their deliverer, Moses spoke to the Pharaoh to let his people go into the wilderness to worship the LORD. God hardened the Pharoah's heart[32] and the Pharoah refused to let them go, instead choosing to punish them by not letting them be given anymore straw but rather to go find straw for themselves while making the same amount of bricks as before. This made the people of Israel angry with Moses, but God told Moses that now He's going to show the people His power.


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