Peace is completeness, soundness, and well-being of a whole person. Christians are to be at peace with others,[1] which happens to be healthy for a person's body.[2] [Consider Rewording] Christians are to live at peace not with just anyone they want, but with everyone to the best of their ability and whenever possible.[3]

A Christian can find peace from loving God's law.[4] It is a fruit of righteousness [5] and of the Spirit,[6] so it is evidence of righteousness and Holy Spirit in their lives. The peace that comes from God is beyond anyone's understanding.[7] Christians also get peace from discipline, for it produces a harvest of peace and righteousness for those trained by discipline.[8] Righteousness and peace are found together here because of peace being a fruit of righteousness, as mentioned above.

Christians are to seek peace and pursue it [9] through righteousness. Those who seek peace find peace when they love God's law. Holy Spirit gives peace to those who want (and even need) peace in a way that cannot be understood. Like a loving Father, God has Christians' best interests in mind when He commanded them to live in peace; recall that it gives life to the body.[2] Jesus said that those who seek will find [10] so Christians should seek and pursue peace.

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