The Woman Clothed with the Sun is a sign in the sky that John the Apostle saw in his vision — recorded in the Book of Revelation. The woman was pregnant and gave birth to a son, whom a Dragon tried to destroy. The child was protected by God. A war arose in heaven, which ended with the Dragon being cast out of heaven and no longer being allowed in. The woman was given a place of refuge from the Dragon. When the Dragon realized that he couldn't even touch the child nor the woman, he made war with the rest of her offspring.


John said he saw this woman in the sky. It was clothed with the sun and had the moon at her feet. She was crowned with 12 stars. John noticed that she was with child.[1] In nature, the constellation Virgo is inline with the sun every year during September/October. During this time, the moon is near the feet of Virgo. There are also twelve stars that above the head of Virgo in a circular formation.

Birth of Son

The woman was with child and gave birth to a son. Then a great, red Dragon appeared. It had seven heads and ten horns and each head had a diadem on it. With his tail he swept down to the earth a third of the stars. He stood ready near the woman so he could devour her child when she gave birth. However, when the child was born (whose description sounds like Jesus) he was caught up to God. The later woman fled into the desert (possibly a reference to Egypt) where she had a place prepared for her by God, where she was nourished for 3.5 years.[2]

War in Heaven

Following the child's birth, there arose a war in heaven, where the child was located. Michael the archangel and the angels under him fought against the Dragon and his angels. Michael overcame the Dragon, causing the Dragon and his angels to lose their place in heaven and to be cast out to the earth. The Dragon is called Satan, the deceiver of the world. When the Dragon realized what had just happened, he began to pursue the woman, but the woman was given wings like those of a large eagle with which she used to fly away from the Dragon into the desert. She stayed there for 3.5 years. The dragon attempted to flood her with water that came from his mouth, but the earth intervened and opened up, swallowing the water. Then the Dragon became furious with the woman and made war with her other offspring — the obedient Christians. He stood on the shore of the sea.[3]

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