• The Bible Events occuring in December 2016 (included with dates) are:

    *Friday December 9th, the Apostle Simon Peter is celebrated (article needs some expansion and rewriting)

    *Sunday December 25th- The Birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated. In case you did not know December 25th is not the actual birthday of Jesus, but the day its observed on. Clues in Jesus's birth account and general assumptions can reason that his birth probably took place during the summer (I encourage reading Luke 1 for details)

    *Tuesday December 27th- John the Apostle  is celebrated (article needs major expansion)

    December has only three people. Two of these people were Apostles and some of the most infuential and important people in the establishment and spread of Christianity. However it is the one the religion is named for that truly is cause for celebration. Take time this December and Christmas to reflect upon each of these men, study and write about what they did. Without their actions the world may be without hope in this world of darkness.

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