I have been working around here and noticed that not all of the book of the Bible have articles about them. I have put together a starting base for writing these articles:

<div style="<!-- --> border: 1px solid #0000FF; padding: 3px; margin:3px;">Back to [[Book of |]] | [[:Category:Books|Books of the Bible]] | Forward to [[Book of |]]</div>
 |name = Book of
 |Testament =  Testament
 |Section =
 |Book number =
 |Chapters =
 |Author =
 The '''Book of '''
 == Verses ==
 <references />

This is what it will look like (Book of Amos example):

Back to Obadiah | Books of the Bible | Forward to Obadiah

The Book of Amos was written my a shepherd of Tekoa, named Amos. It was written two years before a very well known earthquake in Israel [1]


  1. Amos 1:1 (Link)

This to me seems like a good model to work with. This is mostly personal notes.

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