Hey everyone. I have decided to learn Hebrew. This is going to be a fun adventure for me. I have tried to learn Hebrew in the past; I'm not sure what stopped me. I am going to first memorize all (or most of) the Hebrew words in Strong's Hebrew Dictionary. Then I will go back through and work on learning how to spell each one. I already know the alphabet (or should I say "alephbet"?) from Hebrew4Christians. If you guys want to learn Hebrew (or at least get the basic idea of what Hebrew is) I would recommend Hebrew4Christians. So far I have learned 3 words (aside from what I already know prior to this endeavour):

  • אָב - 'âb (awb) - father (noun)
  • אֵב - 'êb (abe) - green plant (noun)
  • אָבַד - 'âbad (aw-bad') - to wander away (verb)

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