I am a slave to sin. I want you to know that my brain will never cease to remind me of that, and it will never cease to taunt me with what I cannot have.

So, before you do it, before you fall, here are some things I have to say as first-hand experience:

You will get more than you came for. You may have a healthy concept of sexuality going in, but when you leave for the real world, you'll want more. Thoughts and hints won't cut it anymore. You'll want something better. You'll warp and twist your fantasies just to get yourself a better high of dopamine, and you'll warp and twist what you want to see. Soon, what would have disgusted you before you fell is what you'd love to see.

Your perception of your family and friends will change. While you may be the same in public, you have also warped your ideas concerning them. If they aren't immediately subservient to you and your worldly whims, they're cruel backstabbers who want nothing more than to get your little secret out and in the world. You will start to superimpose your perception of them onto them in reality, and react towards the idea rather than the person. You will associate them with either your dopamine high or cruelty, and act accordingly. They don't know what's going on, and you don't have the guts to tell them. 

Your perception of yourself will change. Even if you don't find anything wrong with what you're doing, you still feel as if you did something wrong. This is because humans have a natural consciousness of their own effect on the world and on others. However, you will take it too far (humans often do), and Satan will convince you of anything, ranging from "God won't forgive you; you've failed too many times", and "God doesn't care, just move on."

'Your perception of God will change. 'Like I said before, one independent action results in not only your influence in your life, but Satan's. He helped you ruin God's symbol of divine love for humanity, and he'll help you ruin God too. He'll make you angry with God; he'll cause you to say, "Why did You make this happen to me?" He'll cause you to not want to talk to Him, which is the worst thing any sinner can do.

Before you fall, just think about it. Think about what beautiful relationship you risked -- I risked, all for one mortal whim that you convinced yourself to do. 

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