I've heard around the block about the dispution among the Church as to whether or not Christ married during His time on Earth. If He did, this would raise some alarming questions: 

1. Who did He marry?

2. Were His children holy?

3. Where were they when Jesus died?

4. Did He even have children with this wife?

These are a few among many others. However, I see no evidence pointing positively for or against Christ marrying and having children. On the one hand, He came to live a full human life, and children are a natural part of it. On the other hand, He didn't come to have children; he came to save us. 

Whatever is the truth, this notion is irrelevant to our salvation. Christ's main purpose wasn't to just live a human life and tell God what it's like. It was to live a human life, yes, but to also die. To die in the worst way any human ever would. And to take all the pain I deserve, and die in it. 

So, Christ may have married, and he may have not. But, is it relevant? No. It would be nice to know for certain, but it would also be nice to not sin. 

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