Here on the east coast of the USA, January 1, 2016, is about over.  Since my Sunday School Class is going to read through the Bible this year, I thought I would share my thoughts on my readings here on the Wiki.

The first reading was the familiar story of Creation and the Fall -- Genesis 1 -- 3.  The central verses of the section are Chapter 2, verses 8 and 9.   Without posting the verses (I'll let the reader get out his Bible), the idea is that God created a special place where He could communicate with and live among His greatest creation: mankind!

He planted the garden at Eden as an architype of the final Heaven and Earth .  If the fall had not happened, it may have been the "real thing."  In it he planted two special trees: One for Life and One for Knowledge .  The latter was forbidden, for mankind already knew the goodness of God's creation and His presence.

Unfortunately, in our perspective, mankind did not listen to reason.  In doing so, the plan of the universe took its present path.  Though we cannot fully understand that history had to take its present course, we know that we have a connection to the new beginnings through the Creator Himself, Jesus Christ !  It was He who once again walked among men some 4000 years after his walk in the garden.  And if He tarries, as He has for these past 2000 years, we will once again walk with Him in Heaven while he prepares to come again to re-establish Paradise.

So, it this first weekend of the year of our Lord Two Thousand Sixteen, let us reflect on our relationship with our creator and on his wonderful creation around us. While it is spoiled, it is still so very special.

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