This morning I read Genesis chapters 4 through 8.  In these chapters mankind is seen to spread to the far ends of the world, becoming increasingly violent.  Only two men are found to be "walking with God ."  The first of these actually lived alongside the only other man of which this could have been said.  These two men never met each other, but they were both righteous proclaimers of the coming judgment from God.  Additionally, in their own way both men were lifted out of the evil world to safety.

In one of the strangest verses in the Old Testament, the man Enoch , son of Jared, was said to have "walked with God" and to subsequently be "taken" -- not to be seen again.  He just "was not."  In the midst of a list of men that had long lives but in the end "died," he lived a relatively short life among men and did not see death[1].  However, the apostle Jude wrote of his message: judgment to come to mankind[2].  The writer to the Hebrews identified "walking with God" as being pleasing Him. The "taking" is said to be a "translation" (Gr: μετατίθημι, to transfer). He just moved to another place! He was not changed, as in the coming resurrection, but only moved.

In like manner, after Noah is favored by God, he is said to have "walked with God.[3]"  His message was the same as he went about building the ark[4].  People laughed at such a thing in a world that knew not rain. But judgment was coming. Noah probably reminded the people about his great grandfather Enoch's preaching in much the way that Jesus reminded his listeners of Noah's experience. There is no escaping the judgment of God. We are all sinners and need deliverance that only God can provide for us.

The good news is that God invites people to "walk with" Him everyday. It may not be in the way that these antediluvians did, or like Moses did[5] as he was leading God's people in the wilderness, but He has sent His Holy Spirit to be alongside of us[6]. We have taken part in the "first resurrection" -- that of Jesus Christ[7]. Even though we have not moved into those promised "mansions"[8] yet, we have be transformed into "children of light[9]." Let us not turn our back on the Lord, but reach out our hand to walk with Him.

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--SouthWriter (talk) 02:06, January 3, 2016 (UTC)

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