He had it all! Jesus had created everything[1], and took very good care of it[2], but He did the unthinkable! He left home without so much as the shirt on his back[3]. The Lord of lords[4] became like those whom he ruled! Imagine that, He became a servant of the lowest kind[5]!

His disciples did not understand how the one they called "Master" would let Himself be treated so badly by the ones by the very people who should have honored him as their leader[6]. But alas, they could not stop him from facing down the authorities in their hometown of Jerusalem[7].

But when He did, even He faced inner turmoil over what had to be done. Right before he was arrested for his brave stand, Jesus had prayed so hard that his sweat stained the ground, mixed with his own blood[8]. His agony had begun. The next day he was beat into within an inch of his life[9], and then nailed to the cross beam of a Roman execution post in the heat of the day[10].

Why did He do this? All those bad people who did this to Him were just like you and me. Really, they were. They had lives to live and didn't want much to do with what God thought about it. But when God looked down, He had mercy on us anyway[11]. He loved us so much that He sent Jesus to die for us[12].

Think about it[13]. This work is under copyright of the author and should not be used without his permission.

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