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    You are not a child of God unless….

    you know Jesus Christ as Savior. It does not matter how religious you are, if you believe in God, Heaven or even Satan and Hell . Even though you were created by God, that does not automatically make you his child. The phrase “child of God” or “son of God” (in this sense, “son”  means child) originates from Scripture , yet Scripture does not create an environment where anyone can claim to be God’s child. This does not ruin the fact that every human is created and is loved by God . If you say you are a child of God, back it up- what part of the Bible applies to you so that you can claim that title?

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    This is the first and experimental blogpost I am doing on my observations about Scripture. More and more I have a desire not to just to document facts about the Bible, but talk about my personal thoughts about Scripture and how the Word of God can impact our life. Not only is this type of use of Scripture critical, misses the entire point of this Scripture!

    Let’s not forget the preceding passage before Rom 6:17-22. Romans 6:23 is the conclusion for the rest of the passage which says that Christians are slaves to God. Formerly, all believers were enslaved to Sin. As slaves to Sin, believers bore the fruit of (think of a plant at harvest) death. As slaves to righteousness and God, the fruit that is given is holiness. Connect that with the end…

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  • Superdadsuper

    He Came To...

    December 25, 2017 by Superdadsuper

    Jesus Christ was God , the Creator of the World who spoke everything into existence== During his ministry Jesus preached to the crowds about servanthood. He taught that whoever wanted to be the first or greatest, had to be last or the least. Shortly after he gave the people this teaching, James and John came with their mother and asked if they could have the right hand seats to Jesus’ throne in Heaven. Jesus rebuked James and John for their request.

    He then went on to tell his Apostles not to be like the government officials of Galilee, who exerted their authority on their subjects. Instead, if the Apostles wanted greatness they had to become like their very own servants or slaves. Jesus compares this to himself, the highest authority of a…

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    Canaanite DNA Found

    August 10, 2017 by Superdadsuper

    Another “archaeological” discovery has been found within recent days; a find that is consistent, if not confirming Biblical record. A recent DNA test has confirmed and traced the existence of Canaanite genes in the city of Sidon and across modern Lebanon.The findings have been published in an American scientific journal with a focus on genes.

    The accounts of the Bible state that Israel was suppose to completely destroy the peoples of the cities of Canaan when God handed them over in victory

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    Note: This blogpost does not account for the "destroyers" mentioned in the text; however the general position of an "Angel of Death" remains the same

    Around Passover many begin to recount Exodus' account of the Passover: how the Hebrew Israelites put a lamb’s blood on their door and how an “Angel” killed the firstborn of every Egyptian household. This Angel is often renowned as “the Angel of Death”, but upon searching for this Angel in more detail many ask “Where is the Angel of Death found in the Bible?”

    Actually, the so-called “Angel of Death” is not found in the Bible. In fact, the scenario of the Passover it is not entailed that the “killer” was even an Angel, but God Himself not agents of wrath.

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