Hello Bible Wiki community. I am Superdadsuper, Administrator and Bureaucrat here at Bible Wiki. Today I am introducing a brand new series of blogs which covers biblical-history movies and tv series and their accuracy. To document their accuracy and fault we will be directly referencing to the Bible to find out what is correct about these movies and shows, and what is incorrect about them by looking at the original account. That way users can make well informed descions about watching these movies and shows, diving deeper into them, and being able to know the original account when you see these. These movies can be entertaining and have some interesting visual as well as story elements added in but its important to remember what is taken out, what is assumed, and if the details added in make sense to the account. The year 2014 specifically was a great year for biblical movies. Four Biblical-history movies were released and several more for 2015. We hope to cover these on their annual (a year after their release) and also plan to cover the movies and series planned for 2015.  If you would like to leave your feedback please do so in the comments below, we will make sure to keep this blog post updated so you can have links to our new blog posts as they roll out.


Superdadsuper, Bible Wiki Administrator and Bureaucrat



Noah Movie- Biblical Analysis

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